Precious book! Great way to teach manners with a wonderful storyline and beautiful illustrations. Very captivating for all ages… would highly recommend for any parent searching for ways to incorporate positive reinforcements and manners into story time!

Allyson S. - Parent

This book is a terrific and fun way to reinforce manners to children. It is very well written and a joy to read.

ZCC - Amazon

Both of my children enjoy this book! Teaches manners while going on a fun penguin adventure! Beautifully illustrated too. Highly recommend.

Rebecca C. - Amazon

Wonderful book that my six year old loves! There’s an amazing activity book that you can get as well that makes it extra special. You won’t be disappointed if you make the purchase.

JB - Amazon

As a mother of three young children I can recommend this book as something much needed in our society. Manners, kindness and politeness are fading less and less each generation. This book is a creative and fun way to remind young children about this trait we all need to practice.

MissPrez02 - Amazon

As a school counselor and character education coordinator, I was always looking for books to use in my lessons plans for teaching character. This is definitely one that a teacher, counselor or parent could use to instill character in their children. Colorful, filled with rhyming words, set in the perfect setting, and written to capture the attention of a child. And children just love penguins and stories about their life in Antarctica.

Ginny B. - Amazon

This is the perfect book for me to use with my second grade classroom to establish our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program for the upcoming school year. It reinforces the characteristics of being a good citizen, which will be a springboard in establishing our classroom environment. It is great that it is a book of rhyme, because my students are at risk struggling readers, some of whom have been identified as dyslexic. I am also using it as a base for many cross curricular activities, such as a lapbook of facts on penguins, a research and technology project on penguins, a canvas art painting of Bentley, and a weekend adventure binder of activities which will consist of writings, illustrations, and a rhyming caption as Bentley will go home each weekend with a different student.

Jeri Lavespere - Teacher

We so enjoyed your presentations! Both the teachers and the students gave you rave reviews. Please, please know how grateful we are for all that you did to make our reading celebration such a special one.

Lizzie Padget - Forest Lake Technology Magnet School - Columbia, SC

Cindy, thank you so much for making the trip here and giving us great performances!  I have heard so many positive comments!  I asked one child at the end of the day what his favorite activity had been (and you were among some fine performers!) and without hesitation he said, “the author.”  I hope you enjoyed your day!

Sharon Phillips - Merrywood Elementary - Greenwood, SC

Cindy Grosso is the author of The Proper Penguin – The Story of B Polite. She visited our school last Friday and the students loved her!…

Laura Smith - Cathedral Academy - Charleston, SC